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Dr. Joel Wallach Dr. Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND

Sodbusters Friend

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"The Sodbusters Friend" for all your plant and gardening needs
"Try my Bloomin Mineral Plant Food, Your Plants will love it!!!
Same Raw Material Colloidal Minerals are made from.

Bloomin Mineral is a 100% natural humic soil conditioner. Composed of prehistoric plant minerals no longer found in farm and range soils. No Binders or Fillers added.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Sulfur (S)......................1.50%
Iron (Fe).......................2.25%

Performance Features & Benefits

High organic matter and humic acid analysis. 75 major, trace and rare earth elements. Increases water retention and penetration. Improves soil physical characteristics.

  • Excellent for the Home Gardner
  • Helps produce larger and more colorful flowers and roses
  • Helps keep your lawn vibrant
  • Great for fruit trees too
  • Great for your favorite shrubs and house plants
  • Faster growth

 Youngevity's Bloomin Mineral
Soil Revitalizer

Directions For Use

Apply to established lawns and gardens at rate of 12 lbs. Per 1000 sq. ft. for new lawns or garden apply 12 lbs. per 1000 Sq. Ft. And mix or till into the soil before planting. 1 tsp. for 1 qt. house plant.

Whether you're a home gardener, professional nursery keeper or agriculturalist, you will find that Bloomin Mineral is the best product for all your planting needs.


Senate Doc#264 explains the root of the problem facing America's soils.

75 Elements of
Bloomin Mineral

 Carbon Arsenic Praseodymium
Lithium Selenium Neodymium
Beryllium Rubidium Samarium
Boron Strontium Europium
Sodium Yttrium Gadolinium
Magnesium Ytterbium Terbium
Aluminum  Hafnium Dysprosium
Silicon Zirconium Holmium
Phosphorus Niobium Erbium
Sulfur Molybdenum Thulium
Chlorine Ruthenium Erbium
Potassium Rhodium Thulium
Calcium Palladium Lutetium
Scandium Silver Tantalum
Titanium Cadmium Tungsten
Vanadium Indium Osmium
Chromium Tin Platinum
Manganese Antimony Mercury
Iron Tellurium Lead
Cobalt Iodine Hydrogen
Nickel Cesium Oxygen
Copper Barium Nitrogen
Zinc Lanthanum  
Germanium Cerium

Bloomin Mineral Soil Revitalizer
#60201 2 1/2 lbs. - (Great for House plants)

#60401 4 1/2 lbs. -  (Great for House plants and shrubs)

#64001 40 lbs.- (Great for Gardens)

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Bloomin Mineral Soil Revitalizer
#60201 2 1/2 lbs. - $15 wholesale (Great for House plants)

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#60401 4 1/2 lbs. -  (Great for House plants and shrubs)

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#64001 40 lbs.- (Great for Gardens)

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